Insights into PowaREP

The PowaREP tool is built to empower suppliers, merchandiser, and their sales agents, enabling them to navigate this fast-moving industry more effectively.

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PowaREP is a one-of-a-kind software suite designed for the consumer goods industry

PowaREP proactively uses data to drive actionable insights for its users. PowaREP achieves this by automatically gathering stock keeping unit (SKU) related data from retailers and automatically points your sales agents to problem areas first to ensure that there are no unnecessary gaps in your product sales.

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PowaREP – The solution to the FMCG and Retail Industries challenges

PowaREP empowers you and your sales teams to make the most of your working day, by optimising sales and reducing […]

PowaREP: Better Than Ever

PowaREP’s true strength is its ability to adapt to your requirements and use data to drive decision-making. We work closely […]

PowaREP: Everything you need to know!

When our team of innovators envisioned how PowaREP would revolutionise the consumer goods industry, we realised that most organisations have […]

PowaREP can bring value
to your business by:

reducation of costs

Increasing Sales

Automated processes to direct your staff to value adding activities with great accuracy and ensure products are always on the shelf.

increased sales

Reducing costs

Empower staff to spend more time on things that bring your company money by allowing them to spend less time on travel and administrative tasks and more on sales related activities.

improved productivity

Improve Productivity

Provides visibility of workforce activity, whereabouts and performance provides the platform for corrective actions and driving a high performing culture. PowaREP allows you to create hundreds of assignments in just a few easy steps.

operations excellence

Operate Excellently

Empower your Reps and the management team with powerful business intelligence dashboards to suit your unique needs. The PowaREP tool grants reps a complete view of the SKU status and performance of any store.

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