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PowaREP is a unique software suite developed for the retail and fast moving consumer goods industries. It empowers suppliers, merchandisers and their Field Agents to manage the supply chain more effectively, by using data to proactively drive actions from insights.

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A unique process that increases sales and productivity

If it is not on the shelf, there will be no sales.

PowaREP is the only field sales automation solution that gathers SKU related data from retailers and automatically points your reps to problem areas first to ensure that there are no unnecessary gaps in your product sales.

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unique process that increases sales and productivity
define auto task rules
Define auto task rules per SKU

The solution has the flexibility for you to define your own rules to automatically create Rep tasks based on the in-store product performance.

assign reps to sites
Assign reps to sites

Quick “drag and drop” facility to assign Reps to different stores. If you are a Merchandising Agency, this can be done across your different clients (suppliers/ manufacturers).

automated data analysis
Automated data analysis and task creation

The system analyses the daily data received from the retailers regarding the SKU status and performance in store and automatically creates tasks based on your predefined rules.

see your sales increase
See your sales increase

Get immediate feedback from reps on problem areas with pictures, text feedback and actions taken to correct any problems. View a wide range of dashboards focused on product, store and Rep performance.

reps are now super efficient
Reps are now super efficient

They can start their day, view the required work, check into stores, focus on problem areas for immediate corrective action and then focus on the other recurring and specialised tasks.

create other non-automated tasks
Create other non-automated tasks

Use our flexible multi-level assignment, survey and task building capabilities to create additional tasks for reps and managers. This can be done at any time with recurrence options.

SKU and Store performance Analytics in your pocket

Enable Reps with in store analytics on their mobile devices.

Apart from surveys, tasks, assignments and campaigns that need their attention, Reps are also enabled with a complete view of the SKU status and performance in a particular store.

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sku and store performace analytics in your pocket
sku listings
SKU listings Ranged / Deranged
sku stock quantitues
SKU Stock Quantities
sku sales performance
SKU Sales Performance
store performance
Store performance / benchmarking

Advanced campaign, assignment and task management

Remove the administrative burden of creating field tasks.

Our unique campaign and assignment builder allows you to create hundreds of assignments in couple of easy steps.

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advanced campaign
team members specific assignments
Team member assignments

Team member specific assignments (for either Reps or Managers) or bulk assignments.

general assignments
General assignments

Create general assignments in a few easy, simple steps.

product specific assignments
Product / Store Assignments

Product and / or store specific assignments.

incorporate surveys into assignments

Incorporate surveys into assignments

assignment recurrence and multiple feedback
Recurring assignments

Assignment recurrence and multiple feedback on assignments.

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Multi-tenant system that improves the collaboration between the manufacturer, supplier, merchandiser and merchant.

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Reduced admin through the introduction of timesheet, store visit, task and travel management features.

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